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To-may-to or To-mah-to

One of the things I’ve been thinking about since we closed on the “little house” in May and began this journey of downsizing is that I am certainly not the first person who has come up with the concept of minimizing. As a matter of fact there are numerous websites, all orchestrated and written by folks who are downsizing, small-ifying, removing clutter, living in a tiny house (have you seen that show – Tiny House Nation??), and in general trying to live life in a way that has less clutter, more sanity and works for them.

Each website is unique and they span all sorts of subject areas from simplifying in general to raising your own goats to making your own tampons from sheep’s wool that you shear yourself. So when I find them, I’ll share them, as they may add helpful perspective to the downsizing / minimizing / simplifying conversation.

And this is a good spot I think to point out what may seem obvious – that simplifying means different things to different people.

Example: My sister and I recently had a whole conversation about tomatoes. (My sister is a super-busy scientist who is raising three children with her fireman husband).

Somehow we got on the topic of organic farming and growing your own tomatoes, canning them, etc.

Some folks who are simplifying have made a choice to grow their own tomatoes. Tomato seeds cost a few dollars it appears (I have not purchased them myself but am looking at the Burpee website) and there are seedlings and the like for sale as well. In fact, Burpee has the apparently very popular “Tomato, Cherry Baby Hybrid” which are just beautiful, based on the photo and are described as “tomatoes bursting with sweetness, light, and a tingly-tangy ‘pop.’” Now who doesn’t want a piece of that?

Burpee’s “Tomato, Cherry Baby Hybrid”

Now my tomato plant, which MyUPSGuy installed in the lily garden at the “little house,” is not as healthy, or colorful, but I can see how growing tomatoes would be a worthy pursuit.

On the other hand? Time consuming. And not everyone may have a gardening spot. So is it simplifying to buy your tomatoes in a big can at Costco instead, divide them up and freeze them for sauce?

My sister and I concluded that the range of tomato options is as wide as there are needs for people to create order in their lives. Simplifying doesn’t seem to fit a certain course or a certain recipe – it is clearly unique for each person, not only for their life, but for that time in their life.

And thank goodness for that choice … for that ability for each of us to find our own way.

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  1. I personally like To-may-toes! I so wish I could be an organic farmer but green thumb I have not so it’s off to the store. Luckily I live in New Jersey and we have the best Jersey Fresh tomatoes. To each his/her own.

  2. For me, simplifying is NOT having the garden as another thing to do! This year, I grew one tomato plant on my deck so I could eat them as I harvested them right there on the deck wh8ile watering plants. I can buy tomatoes at roadside stands that are locally organically grown, or I can get canned petite diced tomatoesat the grocery store to make my Italian Vegetable soup.

    1. Hi C, This is what my sister and I were saying …. that simplicity is so different for each person. Love it that you have a roadside stand for tomatoes. Nothing like locally grown produce. We think the neighbor (one of the few we have at the little house) down and across the street apparently has chickens and sells the eggs, so we’re going to check that out. Jenny

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