Executive Coach or Life Coach – Questions Answered

So what in the world is Coaching? And more importantly, is it something that might be helpful to you?

This question arises in my work a great deal, as Executive or Leadership Coaching is still being understood in the professional world and Life Coaching is still being understood in the world in general. And Coaching is not the same as football coaching.

Coaching is about goal setting.

After all, whether it’s getting the promotion at work, overcoming an obstacle, learning to communicate better, losing weight, finding a new job or achieving a certain income, reaching for a goal is hard work. And even then, we aren’t always able to achieve the goal. But when we set goals and take very specific action steps, with accountability, with structure and a systematic approach, we tend to do better. And that’s what a coach provides – the structure and disciplined approach that helps her client achieve the goal.

What are the nuts and bolts of coaching?

Usually coaching clients meet with their coach at specific intervals – like every two weeks, for example, for a period of 3-6 months. Sessions are usually an hour or so long and the job of the coach is primarily to ask the right questions. Now this sounds easy, but not so fast … it can be complicated to help a client uncover the reasons why they’re not achieving the goal (Motivation? Time? Distractions?), what obstacles are in their way, and how we can solve smaller problems to ultimately achieve the larger goal and what the client is after.

Fees vary. And it’s best to talk to a coach about their fee structure, how they want to be paid, and if they have a “friends and family” rate (and many do).

Coaching is a great investment … an investment in yourself, your life and your future. Because if you are trying the same old methods to get to an important goal … and it’s not working … it may be time to mix it up and try a new approach.

Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Best wishes,

Jenifer Beaudean